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File:One Snapshot. Infinite Dimensions.

Java Edition 20w14∞ is an April Fools' joke snapshot released on April 1, 2020.[1] It adds new procedurally generated dimensions that randomize existing elements of the game and several ways to access them.

Additions[edit | edit source]

Blocks[edit | edit source]

Box of Infinite Books
  • When used, a random written book is generated, which can be thrown into a Nether Portal to generate a portal that leads to a dimension of randomized terrain of random
  • The random books are tied to the block such that using the same box multiple times will always return an identical book.
File:NeitherPortal (Cyan).png
Funky Portal

Can take you to one of the 2,147,483,647 dimensions or the 40 special dimensions with the Nether generation.

  • The cursor is a block with a texture that is animated that is constantly changing.
  • Generates in the dimension called “Terminal”
Ant Block
  • Can make drawings that are made out of concrete.
  • One of the drawings that it makes is called The “Highway”.
  • Generates in the dimension called “Ant”.
Swaggiest stairs ever
  • Cannot be made by crafting.
  • Is a decoration block.
Zone Block
  • Is only available through commands and not on the Creative inventory.
  • The footprint is a block with a footprint shaped particle.
  • Generates in the dimension called "missing".
A Very Fine Item
  • Has the side texture of the Grass Block with the words "HOME SWEET HOME".
  • Generates in the dimension called "isolation".

World generation[edit | edit source]

New dimensions
  • The generated dimensions will have randomized mobs appear such as Giants and Withers; random day-night cycle speeds; random structures.
  • There are 40 special dimensions in total, which have Nether-style generation.
  • There are exactly 2,147,483,647 possible dimensions.
  • Between – generates a mesh of End Ships.
  • Biome For Player With No Time For Nonsense – generates a seemingly normal Overworld map with mineral blocks and redstone components generating in place of ores.
  • Shapes – generates a world consisting of different shapes made of one or more different types of blocks.

Easter egg dimensions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Easter Egg Dimensions (20w14∞)

These dimensions can be accessed by typing /warp [dimension name] in the chat or by typing in the dimension name into a book and throwing it into a nether portal.

  • "ant"
  • "basic
  • "blacklight"
  • "brand"
  • "bridges"
  • "busy"
  • "checkerboard"
  • "chess"
  • "colors"
  • "content
  • "credits"
  • "custom"
  • "darkness"
  • "decay"
  • "fleet"
  • "gallery"
  • "holes"
  • "isolation"
  • "library"
  • "llama
  • "message"
  • "missing"
  • "notes"
  • "nothing"
  • "origin"
  • "patterns"
  • "perfection"
  • "pillars"
  • "retro"
  • "rooms"
  • "shapes"
  • "skygrid"
  • "slime"
  • "spiral"
  • "sponge"
  • "terminal"
  • "this_is_a_very_long_phrase_that_hopefully_is_not_in_any_dictionary"
  • "tunnels"
  • "wall"
  • "zones"
  • "blue"
  • "green"
  • "red"

Commands[edit | edit source]

  • /warp – can be followed by any string or number to warp to a corresponding randomly generated dimension.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • "Almost there" advancement, achieved after visiting one billion dimensions.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Mojang loading screen has been changed.
  • Blocks and items in the creative inventory are shuffled, as is the Debug Mode.
  • Worlds from releases and other snapshots are not visible.
  • One of the loading screens is like Minecraft 3D.

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