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Jumping is a game mechanic that allows a player to move a vertical distance of one block.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Jumping is a requirement to reach many areas in a Minecraft world. In PC/Mac clients, jumping is achieved by pressing space, once per jump. In Minecraft: Pocket Edition, jumping is achieved by pressing the jump button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. In the console editions, jumping is achieved by pressing File:Xbox A Button.png (Xbox 360/Xbox One) or PlayStationX.png (PS3/PS4). Although a player can not jump very far horizontally from a stationary position or while walking, Sprinting will increase the distance from which a player can jump, commonly known as "sprint-jumping". Under normal conditions, a player can only jump up 1.25 blocks at a time.

As of 1.10, there is a default option that enables players to automatically jump on top of an adjacent block if they walk/run against it.

Modifying factors[edit | edit source]

  • Swimming - The jump mechanic converts into a method of swimming upward by holding the Spacebar (PC/Mac), jump button (PE), or File:Xbox A Button.png/PlayStationX.png (console). If a player is swimming on the surface, he/she can jump out of the water or lava, and onto a solid block along the shoreline.
  • Jump Boost - This Status Effect will allow a player to temporarily jump higher, and take less damage from falling. The maximum height you can jump is 2.25 blocks with Jump Boost II and while sprinting. 
  • Barriers - fences, walls and other similar objects can not be jumped over. Although they appear to be only 1 block in height, the collision box is 1.5 blocks in height.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sprinting and holding down jump at the same time (i.e. continually hopping) makes one go slightly faster on land, but drains one's hunger bar more quickly.
  • Headbutting objects can increase the interval of a jump as long as the jump keeps failing. The resulting jerk is sometimes seen by the player as a slight headbang or jump to music.