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A Jungle Temple or Jungle Pyramid is a naturally-generated structure found in jungle biomes. A temple consists of stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, mossy cobblestonecracked stone brick, and chiseled stone bricks.


Extremely dense trees, bushes, and vines often surround a jungle temple, obscuring it from view. A jungle temple consists of three floors connected via staircase, traps, secret rooms and puzzles. It can contain up to two chests, like a dungeon. The temple contains two sets of stairs made of mossy stone bricks and broken stone bricks. On one side, there are three levers that open the hole to the first chest, and on the other side, there is a path with tripwires and dispensers.

Obtaining the Treasure

The dispensers are covered up with vines, which makes them very difficult to see. They are also filled with many arrows that can kill a player if triggered excessively. One common way to disable these is to use shears to break the tripwire string. This disables the trap and makes it safe to reach the chest. Alternatively, if the flying arrows can be dodged, the arrows in the dispensers can be removed, rendering the trap useless.

To reach the other chest, a player must complete a simple piston puzzle. This puzzle will open a small hole in the floor, allowing a player to drop down and reach the chest. If a player does not wish to do the puzzle, they can also mine around it and reach the chest.

Typical treasures that can be found in jungle temples are:


  • Several blocks that were not naturally occurring before Snapshot 12w22a are found in jungle temples, such as dispensers, chiseled stone bricks, Redstone wires, Redstone repeaters, levers, and sticky pistons.
  • As it is made of stone, and will not burn, and easy way to find a Jungle Temple is to light the jungle on fire, burning away all of the leaves and trees and vines.
  • The main contents of chests inside jungle temples include rotten flesh, gold, and bones. This may be the primary content because the chest inside of a jungle temple may represent a coffin (hints the contents of gold, rotten flesh, and bones). The structure itself also somewhat resembles ancient architecture, which may very well mean that a burial site was in mind when jungle temples were implemented into Minecraft.
  • As of 1.8, mossy cobblestone and chiseled stone brick is craftable, so jungle temples were made a bit less useful as sources for the mentioned blocks.


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