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Survival Multiplayer, also known as SMP, is the multiplayer version of Minecraft Beta.

Joining a Server[edit | edit source]

The client asks for the IP address of the server in order to join a server. Thus, a player has to know the IP address of the server if they want to join. Some servers also have a whitelist, with an application form to fill out before the applicant is 'whitelisted' - then they can log into the server. Some servers also require the use of Hamachi, or it requires one to pay a fee.

Due to the nature of IPv6 addresses, they must be entered in the format: [IP:::IP:IP]:PORT

Features[edit | edit source]

Survival Multiplayer has all of the features that the single player Beta has, along with the ability to chat and interact with other players. Much of the actual content that's in the server, though, is in plugin form - many plugins are available, which allow numerous features, such as an administrative system, new game content, (e.g.: money) shops, auctions (iConomy), or even the ability to govern the speed of minecarts with whichever block the track is placed on (Minecart Mania!). Some of these plugins have global blacklists, (such as MCAdmin and MCBans). In Beta 1.6, the ability to access the Nether in SMP was added. Entry to the Nether is the same; an obsidian portal.

LAN[edit | edit source]

LAN stands for Local Area Network, and expands over a short range. LAN worlds can typically only be entered in a single household. To start a LAN world, simply open up and save, open the menu, and click "Open to LAN." There, rules can be set, such as Cheats, and Game Mode.