Lightning Rod

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Lightning Rod
First Appearance JE: 1.17 Snapshot 20w45a

BE: Beta

Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64
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Lightning Rods are a new block planned to be added to Minecraft in update 1.17. They will be used to redirect lightning and prevent lightning bolts from setting a player's house on fire when placed on a build. As shown during the Minecraft Live 2020 live stream, it will be very useful for players with houses that have roofs made of flammable blocks. They are crafted with 3 copper ingots. When struck by lightning, they give off a redstone signal with a strength of 15.


File:LightningRod.pngLightning Rod
None Copper Ingot None
None Copper Ingot None
None Copper Ingot None


Lightning rods redirect lightning strikes within an area of 16×4×16 blocks to the top of the rod, which can prevent flammable structures from catching on fire during thunderstorms. Lightning rods also divert the lightning created by a trident enchanted with Channeling thrown at an entity during a thunderstorm, but they won't output a redstone signal. Lightning rods can be oriented in different directions.


  • When placed on top of a building, lightning bolts will be redirected to the rod instead of the building it is placed on top of.