Lingering Potions

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Lingering Potions are a specialized type of potion (alongside standard Potions and Splash Potions) that were added in update 1.9 (The Combat Update).


Like splash potions, lingering potions are thrown. However, when the bottle hits a surface and breaks open, a low-floating cloud of the potion lingers in a vapor form for several seconds, affecting any Player or mob who walks into it. Lingering potions can also be loaded into a dispenser for Redstone-triggered attacks.

Note also that, when a lingering potion is used, the bottle is destroyed as opposed to simply being emptied when drinking regular potions. As with all potions, lingering potions do not stack; therefore, a large reserve of glass bottles must be made in order to use many lingering Potions.

Lingering potions can also be used to put out Fires.


File:Dragons Breath.jpg
A cloud of dragon's breath, required to brew a lingering potion.

Lingering potions are created when splash potions are infused with Dragon's Breath in a Brewing Stand. To create a lingering potion:

  1. Brew the desired effect into a standard potion.
  2. Brew using Gunpowder to make a splash potion.
  3. Brew using Dragon's Breath.

Dragon's Breath

Dragon's breath is the vital ingredient used to turn splash potions into lingering potions. Dragon's breath can be collected in a bottle (by right-clicking on the cloud) when the Ender Dragon, in The End, breathes the toxic cloud onto a player. The toxic cloud lingers for a while, and the vapor must be bottled quickly before the cloud disappears. A player must be careful while bottling the ingredient, however, since the cloud itself is toxic, and it will cause harm to whoever walks into it, even on peaceful.


  • The appearance of a lingering potion differs from that of a splash potion and a normal potion as the bottle does not have a handle or cork.
  • The optimal way to throw a lingering potion is opposite to that for throwing a splash potion, as it is required to throw the potion downwards for the greatest effect.