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A Minecart is a vehicle that players can use to ride in on top of a Rail system.



File:2013-11-03 10.57.06.png
A player in a minecart.

Minecarts are used for transportation, without a player having to give much manual effort. Minecarts are one of the fastest ways to move between places on solid ground. However, they require a system of Rails to be placed, so they can travel from one place to another. Thus, minecarts are more effective for transporting players across the commonly-traversed ground. Any Player or Mob may sit in and ride a minecart along a rail. They may also push a minecart along a rail, by walking into it. Also, players may grab and push a minecart along a rail by holding the right-click mouse button.

Placing a Chest inside a minecart creates a Minecart with Chest which can be used to store items and blocks.

Placing a Furnace inside a minecart creates a Minecart with Furnace which can push other minecarts along a track if fuel is added to the furnace.


Minecarts require Rails on the ground to move. There are four different types of rails: a basic Rail, a Powered Rail, a Detector Rail, and an Activator Rail. Basic rails are used for moving the minecart without any boosts. They are the most commonly used because they use relatively less-expensive resources, compared to the two other varieties of rails.

A powered rail is used to give the minecart a boost of speed as it moves along the railway and requires a Redstone charge to activate. Detector rails are typically placed directly next to powered rails in a rail system, as they generate the Redstone charge needed to activate the powered rail. The detector rail generates this charge as the minecart passes over it. Activator rails are a special type of rail which, when powered by a Redstone charge, will detonate a Minecart with TNT as it passes over. If a mob or player is in a minecart as it passes over an active activator rail, they get ejected out of the minecart.


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Iron Ingot None Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Minecart with Chest Minecart with Furnace
None None None None None None
None Chest None None Furnace None
None Minecart None None Minecart None
Minecart with TNT Minecart with Hopper
None None None None None None
None TNT None None Hopper None
None Minecart None None Minecart None


File:Minecart bug.jpg
A bug where a player is stuck in the ground after leaving a minecart.
  • If a player puts a saddle on a pig and then manages to get into a minecart, they can ride the minecart without a rail system. The controls are Space (default) for forward, D (default) for left, and A (default) for right.
  • Minecarts that run into an Iron Golem will bounce off, instead of picking up the iron golem. This also happens with smaller mobs.
  • When a minecart abruptly hits a solid block (like stone) while moving along a rail, there is a unique sound effect of metal clanging.
  • Minecarts can sometimes glitch, so the rider can't get out of them.
  • Between snapshots 14w11a and 14w17a, if a minecart was moving too fast, and it needed to turn, it would derail.
    • Also, between snapshots 14w11a and 14w17a, minecarts could travel much faster in a straight line.
  • An arrow fired from a bow at full power can destroy a minecart.
  • For some reason, minecarts can also be ridden by boats as well and vice versa.
  • Minecarts could slide along honey blocks.
  • Minecarts have 1 health.
  • Furnace Minecarts were never added to bedrock.


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