Minecart with Furnace

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This page's content is only available in Minecraft: Java Edition.

The minecart with furnace (aka powered minecart) is a variation of the regular minecart, which can be used to push other minecarts along a rail system, if it's powered.


The minecart with furnace is only available through crafting (shown below).

Minecart with Furnace
(Shapeless recipe)
None None None
None Furnace None
None Minecart None


The minecart with furnace accepts coal or charcoal for smelting. Fuel can be added by right-clicking on it while holding coal/charcoal. Doing this will cause it to travel along a rail, in the direction a player was facing when they added the fuel. As it moves along the rail, it will push any other minecarts along in front of it. Right-clicking it again will change its direction. It can travel along a rail for 3 minutes for each piece of coal/charcoal inside.

When destroyed, it will give back a minecart and a furnace separately. However, any fuel that was still left inside, will be lost.

It cannot be used to cook food or smelt ore, and players cannot ride in it.