Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is an edition of Minecraft available on the PlayStation Network. It was announced at Gamescom 2013 and was released on December 18, 2013 as DLC for €18.99/$19.99/£12.99. In April, it was announced that a disc copy would be released sometime in the Summer of 2014 for the aforementioned prices.[1][2] Disc copies are already available in some countries, and are not the most recent version. The Game has all the features of Java Edition 1.12.


Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition was released with all the up to date content as on other console versions and future updates will be developed in tandem. Split-screen support for up to four players, online multiplayer for up to eight, Creative mode, Survival mode, and a bundle of Trophies are supported. Texture packs have also been released, with a total of five currently available (including the standard texture).


  • The Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is almost identical to the Xbox 360 Edition. However, the PlayStation 3 Edition has more achievements.
  • It comes with the festive skin pack, a skin pack which features Christmas related skins. This skin pack was added to the Xbox 360 edition earlier.
  • The host privileges include the capacity to fly.
  • This version of Minecraft has more trophies (achievements) to unlock than the Xbox 360 edition, but not the Xbox One edition, such as: "Sniper Duel" (kill a skeleton with a bow from 50 meters away), "The End?" (Go in to the end), "The End." (Kill the Ender dragon), "Return to sender" (Hit a fire charge back at a ghast), "Into fire" ("Kill a Blaze and make it drop its rod" actually pick up a Blaze Rod), "DIAMONDS!" (Acquire diamonds with your iron tools), "Local brewery," (Brew a potion [Awkward potion counts]), "Enchanter" (Construct an Enchantment Table). No achievements can be earned in worlds created or saved in Creative or with host privileges active.
  • All copies bought on a disc are the same version, and not the latest one.
  • The Nether is not as effective for fast travel in the PS3 edition as in the PC edition, as one block of travel in the nether is 3 blocks of travel in the overworld in the PS3 edition, but it is 8 blocks of travel in the overworld in the PC edition. This may be because the small world size of the PS3 edition causes The Nether to be too small if it is 1/8 the size of the overworld.


Minecraft: PS3 Edition and all other Sony editions of Minecraft will not receive Cross-Play with the other console/PE/Windows 10 editions due to Sony refusing to make it possible on their consoles. Currently, Sony has not released an official explanation as to why. Many Sony players (as a result of the lack of Cross-Play) are now switching to other versions of the game.