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File:OverWorld Monsters.png
Some of the many hostile mobs that can spawn in the overworld. From left to right: Zombie, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Skeleton, Drowned, Witch, Slime.
Mobs are living entities that are affected by physics and can interact with players or other mobs

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mobs can be divided into three behavioral categories: passive, neutral, and hostile. Some mobs will change their behavior in response to certain situations (eg. if they are attacked). Mobs usually drop items and experience points when killed, with hostile and "boss" mobs tending to drop rarer and higher-quality items, as well as significantly more experience depending on their difficulty to kill

Mob Types[edit | edit source]

Utility[edit | edit source]

Utility mobs are created by players. They can protect players and villagers from hostile mobs (with the exception of creepers). They usually attack hostile mobs, but in certain situations, they will attack any type of mob or the player. An example is the Wither, which attacks all mobs except mobs that are considered undead.



Iron Golem (spawn in Village, spawned by player)
Snow Golem (spawned by player, has a chance to be spawned by an enderman)
Wither (spawned by player)

Passive[edit | edit source]

Passive mobs are harmless to players and usually will flee if attacked. They provide beneficial items for players if the right tool is used (eg. shears to collect wool or a bucket to collect milk). Some mobs become passive only after they are tamed such as utility mobs. Some of these can also protect a player from hostile mobs. 



Chicken (spawns in Overworld)
Cow (spawns in Overworld)
Mooshroom (spawns in Mushroom Island)

Brown Mooshroom (spawns when Mooshroom is struck by lightning)

Pig (spawns in Overworld)

Sheep (spawns in Overworld)

Squid (spawns underwater)
Villager (spawns in Villages)
Wandering trader (spawns in Overworld)
Bat (spawns in caves)
Ocelot (spawns in Jungle)
Cat (spawns in Villages)
Horse (spawns in Overworld)
Donkey (spawns in Overworld)
Mule (cannot spawn naturally, requires breeding of Horse and Donkey)
Skeleton Horse (spawns in the Overworld)
Strider (spawns in lava, Nether biome)
Fox (spawns in Overworld)
Rabbit (spawns in Overworld)
Parrot (spawns in Jungle)
Turtle (spawns in Beach)
Cod (spawns underwater)
Salmon (spawns underwater)
Pufferfish (spawns underwater)
Tropical fish (spawns underwater, tropical region, near coral)

Neutral[edit | edit source]

Neutral mobs will attack a player only when provoked. They will not attack the player and have different behavior under usual circumstances otherwise. They may help attack other mobs as well. For example, untamed wolves will attack any nearby rabbits, sheep, baby turtles, and skeletons.



Enderman (spawns in all dimensions)
Piglin (spawns in Nether)
Zombified Piglin (spawns in Nether)
Dolphin (spawns underwater)
Bee (spawns in Overworld)
Wolf (spawns in Overworld)
Spider (spawns in Overworld [at night])
Cave Spider (spawns in

abondoned mineshaft from a monster spawner[night])

Polar Bear (spawns in Snowy biome)
Llama (spawns in mountain)
Trader Llama (spawns in Overworld)
Iron Golem (spawns in Villages)
or when summoned by player
Panda (spawns in Bamboo Forest)

Hostile[edit | edit source]

Hostile mobs will attack a player when they get within a certain range. For most hostile mobs, the range is typically 16 blocks, without any obstructions. Some mobs can sense a player from much farther away, such as ghasts, who detect all players within 100 blocks.



Blaze (spawns in nether fortresses from a spawner)
Creeper (spawns in overworld)

Ghast (spawns in nether)

Magma Cube (spawns in nether)
Silverfish (spawns in overworld, inside stronghold)
Skeleton (spawns in overworld and nether)
Slime (spawns in overworld)
Spider Jockey (spawns in overworld)
Zombie (spawns in overworld)
Zombie Villager (spawns in overworld, result of villager slain by zombie)
Drowned (spawns Underwater, in overworld)
Wither Skeleton (spawns in nether)
Witch (spawns in overworld)
Vindicator (spawns in overworld)
Evoker (spawns in overworld)
Pillager (spawns in overworld)
Ravager (spawns in overworld, during a raid)
Vex (spawns in overworld when Evoker spawns it)
Evocation Fang (spawns in overworld when Evoker spawns it)
Chicken Jockey (spawns in overworld)
Piglin Brute (spawns in nether)
Hoglin (spawns in nether)
Zoglin (spawns in overworld, when a hoglin is brought through a nether portal)
Endermite (spawns in all dimensions, when enderman teleports or ender pearl is used)
Guardian (spawns in overworld)
Elder Guardian (spawns in overworld)
Shulker (spawns in the end)
Skelton Cavalry (spawns rarely, in groups of 3 or more)
Husk (spawns in overworld, desert biome)
Stray (spawns in overworld, Snow biome)

Boss[edit | edit source]

A boss mob is a special type of hostile mob that has an exceptionally large amount of health, a larger detection range, and triggers a health bar and name to appear at the top of a player's screen when they are within range. They are known as boss mobs due to their exceptional difficulty and are only recommended to be faced by experienced players. There are currently only two confirmed boss mobs within Minecraft.



Ender Dragon (Spawns in the end or when respawned)

Wither (summoned by player)

Upcoming[edit | edit source]

These mobs are accessible in future updates.





Axolotl (spawn in lush cave) Passive 1.17
Glow Squid (spawn in ocean and cave ocean) Passive 1.17
Goat (spawn in mountain) Neutral 1.17
Warden (spawn in sculk growth) Hostile 1.17

Unused[edit | edit source]

Unused mobs exist in the Minecraft source code, but cannot be spawned in default survival mode, without the use of commands.



Giant (Players summons it)
Zombie Horse (Spawn egg only)
Illusioner (Players summons it)
Killer Bunny (Players summons it)

Education Edition[edit | edit source]

These mobs only exist in the Education Edition version of Minecraft.




Unimplemented[edit | edit source]

Unimplemented mobs planned on the past updates, but currently do not exist within Minecraft.



Pigmen (Replaced by Villagers and Piglins)
Red Dragon (Replaced by Ender Dragon)
Moobloom (Replaced by Glowsquid In the mob vote 2020)
Iceologer (Replaced by Glowsquid In the mob vote 2020)
Mob A (Replaced by the phantom in the Minecon 2017 Mob Vote)
Mob C (Replaced by the phantom in the Minecon 2017 Mob Vote)
Mob D (Replaced by the phantom in the Minecon 2017 Mob Vote)
Tommo (It was a showcase of what you could do with Minecraft Marketplace)
TBA Ostriches
TBA Termites
TBA Frogs
TBA Vultures
TBA Meerkats

Removed[edit | edit source]

Removed mobs no longer exist in modern Minecraft, but can be encountered in older versions of the game.



Beast Boy
Black Steve
Generic villager (Re-added in 1.11 as the "nitwit" villager)
Human (Steve/Alex)
Steve (mob)
Steve Villager Hybrid
Zombie Pigman (Replaced by the Zombified Piglin)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Passive Mobs[edit | edit source]

Neutral Mobs[edit | edit source]

Hostile Mobs[edit | edit source]

Joke Mobs[edit | edit source]

Boss Mob[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Renaming a mob "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" using a spawn egg or name tag causes it to flip upside down.
  • Renaming a sheep "jeb_" makes its wool change color with a smooth between colors. Shearing the sheep will still drop the sheep's true wool color.
  • Renaming a vindicator "Johnny" makes it attack all nearby mobs, except other illagers.
  • Renaming a rabbit "Toast" gives the rabbit a new texture, as an Easter egg to xyxzen420's girlfriend's missing rabbit.[1]
  • Most mobs can be spawned using spawn eggs. However, Iron Golems, Snow Golems, and Withers are spawned by "building" them and stacking certain blocks in a specific order.
  • Bats are the only mob that does not interact with other mobs or players, and will not drop loot.
  • When lightning strikes certain mobs, they will turn into special variants. For example, a creeper will turn into a charged creeper; a villager will turn into a witch, skeleton horse will turn into four skeleton horsemen with enchanted helmets and enchanted bows, and a mooshroom will turn into a brown mooshroom.
  • Certain mobs (ex. zombie, piglin, skeletons etc) has the chance to have the ability that lets them pick up items or swap out their current weapon.

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