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Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

This is not the official IndustrialCraft forum post, nor the official wiki. This is simply meant to be more helpful.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

IndustralCraft² adds over 100 new blocks and items with the goal of taking the Minecraft experience to the next technological level. This increases the player's efficiency and productivity when gathering resources and performing landscaping as well as introducing some fun new gizmos. Author Alblaka is quite attentive to comments left on the Minecraft Forum Page and releases changes in updates quite regularly. This means that the content on this page can become out-dated. Please feel free to contribute or explain changes on the discussion page so this page can be kept up to date with the latest releases.

The official IC wiki can be found here.

Dependencies[edit | edit source]

The IndustrialCraft² mod requires installing the Minecraft Forge before installing IndustrialCraft.

Incompatibilities[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft has few incompatibilities with other mods because of its configuration.

  • IndustrialCraft's Jetpack will not work with Optimine. Optimine's code breaks the code needed for the jetpack.
  • HD texture packs will not work out of the tin with IndustrialCraft. Alblaka specifically doesn't like anything other than the default 16x16 textures. However, you could resize them with a tool he notes in his FAQ, you can try to find HD versions, or you can make them yourself.
  • Anything modifying fd.class could cause incompatibilities with the nanosuit.
  • Anything not using Minecraft Forge has a chance to conflict with this mod.

Common Problems[edit | edit source]

  • The nanosuit crashes the game.
    • Solution: Another mod has overwritten fd.class
  • The game doesn't load, it only shows a black screen.
    • Solution: As with any other mod, you forgot to delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar.

Block IDs used[edit | edit source]


Standard IDs:

Block Name ID
IDblockAdvFurnaceOff 250
IDblockAdvFurnaceOn 249
IDblockElecFurnaceOff 248
IDblockElecFurnaceOn 247
IDoreTin 229
IDoreCopper 246
IDblockCompressorOff 245
IDblockCompressorOn 244
IDblockMaceratorOff 243
IDblockMaceratorOn 242
IDblockMachine 241
IDcopperWire 240
IDblockExtractorOff 239
IDblockExtractorOn 238
IDblockGenOff 237
IDblockGenOn 236
IDblockWaterGenOff 235
IDblockWaterGenOn 234
IDblockLavaGenOff 233
IDblockLavaGenOn 232
IDblockSolarGenOff 231
IDblockSolarGenOn 230
IDblockCannerOff 228
IDblockCannerOn 227
IDblockAlloy 226
IDglassAlloy 225
IDblockRecyclerOff 224
IDblockRecyclerOn 223
IDoreUran 222
IDblockReactorOff 221
IDblockReactorOn 220
IDblockItnt 219
IDblockNtnt 218
IDblockMinerOff 217
IDblockMinerOn 216
IDblockPipe 215
IDblockCryGenOff 214
IDblockCryGenOn 213
IDblockTerraOff 212
IDblockTerraOn 211
IDblockAdvMachine 210
IDblockTransmitOff 209
IDblockTransmitOn 208
IDcopperWireRed 207
IDblockWindGenOff 206
IDblockWindGenOn 205
IDblockLight0 204
IDblockLight1 203
IDblockLight2 202
IDblockLight3 201
IDblockdoorStone 200
IDblockTransformer 199
IDblockTesla 198
IDblockBoomPipe 197
IDblockDPipe 196
IDblockWaterPipe 195
IDblockStorage 194
IDblockKeyChest 193
IDblockItemomat 192

Item IDs used[edit | edit source]


Standard IDs:

Item Name ID
IDingotAdvIron 30000
IDakkuFull 29999
IDakkuEmpty 29998
IDingotTin 29997
IDingotCopper 29996
IDdustTin 29995
IDdustCopper 29994
IDdustIron 29993
IDdustGold 29992
IDdustCoal 29991
IDpartElecCircuit 29990
IDcopperCable 29953
IDpartRubber 29989
IDitemTreetap 29987
IDpartPlantball 29986
IDitemUFuel 29985
IDitemFuel 29984
IDitemPlantFuel 29983
IDitemUPlantFuel 29982
IDwetdustCoal 29981
IDpartComPlants 29980
IDpartComCoal 29979
IDpickaxeDrill 29978
IDpickaxeDrillUncharged 29977
IDitemCharger 29976
IDpickaxeDDrill 29975
IDpickaxeDDrillUncharged 29974
IDpickaxeDrill 29978
IDpickaxeDrillUncharged 29977
IDaxeSaw 29973
IDaxeSawUncharged 29972
IDitemSuperFuel 29971
IDdustBronze 29970
IDingotBronze 29969
IDshovelBronze 29968
IDpickaxeBronze 29967
IDaxeBronze 29966
IDswordBronze 29965
IDhoeBronze 29964
IDhelmetBronze 29963
IDplateBronze 29962
IDlegsBronze 29961
IDbootsBronze 29960
IDtincan 29959
IDtincanNew 29958
IDtincanMeal 29957
IDcoalball 29956
IDcoalblock 29955
IDcoaldiamond 29954
IDfakediamond 29952
IDhelmetNano 29951
IDplateNano 29950
IDlegsNano 29949
IDbootsNano 29948
IDhelmetNanoE 29947
IDplateNanoE 29946
IDlegsNanoE 29945
IDbootsNanoE 29944
IDhelmetNanoA 29943
IDplateNanoA 29942
IDlegsNanoA 29941
IDbootsNanoA 29940
IDhelmetNanoAE 29939
IDplateNanoAE 29938
IDlegsNanoAE 29937
IDbootsNanoAE 29936
IDcarbonForm 29935
IDcarbon 29934
IDpartMixPlate 29933
IDpartAlloy 29932
IDarmorAlloy 29931
IDitemBatteryBox 29930
IDitemOneBattery 29929
IDpartScrap 29928
IDitemScrapBox 29927
IDarmorJetpackFull 29926
IDarmorJetpackEmpty 29925
IDitemUran 29924
IDingotUran 29923
IDitemMiningLaser 29922
IDitemMiningLaserE 29921
IDitemCrystal 29920
IDitemCrystalCharged 29919
IDitemScanner 29918
IDitemScannerE 29917
IDprintEmpty 29916
IDprintPlant 29915
IDprintDry 29914
IDprintHumid 29913
IDprintSnow 29912
IDprintCompress 29911
IDprintHollow 29910
IDpartAdvCircuit 29909
IDcarbonForm2 29908
IDitemCounter 29907
IDdustIronsmall 29906
IDprintFlat 29905
IDdoorStone 29904
IDitemWrench 29903
IDitemCablePaint 29902
IDarmorBatPackFull 29901
IDarmorBatPackEmpty 29900
IDitemElectroCart 29899
IDadminWrench 29898
IDcoin 29897

Bugs[edit | edit source]

NOTE: This is not the correct forum to express bugs that you find!

-If you find a bug, please gather as much information as possible including: what is the expected behavior, what actually happened, exact steps to cause the bug, error reports (if applicable), and version of IndustrialCraft; then post on the author's forum entry so Alblaka can try to fix them.

On-Going "Quirks" can be reported for items or blocks in their individual notes: sections only after they have been around for a while and it does not look like the author has any intention to change them. When making such an entry, please include the IndustrialCraft version number.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Note that PlasticCraft's similar items cannot be used in this mod's recipes.

Mod Specifics[edit | edit source]

Because of the wealth of items, blocks, and recipes that have been added by the IndustrialCraft² mod, the following section attempts to detail these changes to decrease the user's confusion and increase their enjoyment. As opposed to the mod author's humorous, tongue-in-cheek, sales-pitch style post, these pages will describe everything in a straightforward manner using clear English.

New Mobs[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² currently does not introduce any new Mobs.

New Items[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² introduces approximately 70 new items to Minecraft. They are divided into the following categories/pages for ease of viewing.

Natural Resources[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² introduces a few new resources to the Minecraft terrain:

Derived Materials[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² also adds many raw materials that cannot be found in nature themselves, but are manufactured directly from natural materials. These include:

Components[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² includes many items that serve no purpose except to be used in recipes. These include:

Metals[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² introduces new metals with various purposes, including:

Tools[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² introduces a new line of tools through the new metal Bronze, as well as several other useful mining and crafting tools. These include:

Armor[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² also provides several new types of armor including:

Devices[edit | edit source]

Finally, IndustrialCraft² introduces many hand-held technical devices that serve various purposes (most of them energy related). They are:

New Blocks[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² introduces a very large number of new blocks. They have been divided up into the following categories and pages for ease of viewing.

Natural Resources[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft² adds Copper Ore, Tin Ore, and Uranium Ore to the naturally occurring minerals in Minecraft. These blocks do not interfere with already naturally occurring ores, but take place of left-over stone with varying degrees of probability.

Machines[edit | edit source]

One of the largest categories of new blocks introduced in IndustrialCraft are numerous useful machines which vary from upgrading the original furnace to other more original functions. These include:

Energy[edit | edit source]

Another large category of new blocks in IndustrialCraft² are those that generate or convey something akin to electricity in the form of EUs (Energy Units). These blocks include:

Components[edit | edit source]

IndustrialCraft includes 2 blocks that function only as ingredients yet can be placed in the world. These are the Machine and the Advanced Machine.

Other[edit | edit source]

Some blocks that do not belong in the other categories. Includes: the Luminator and Industrial TNT.

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

Quick Crafting Recipe Reference Guide.

Complicated Topics[edit | edit source]

There are a few more complicated topics in IndustrialCraft that deserve their own sections: Food, Fuel, Industrial Diamond, Miner, Nano Suit, and the Terraformer.

Currency System[edit | edit source]

Alblaka has also started to implement a currency system into IndustrialCraft, currently consisting of the following.

Industrial Credits

Secret Recipes[edit | edit source]

At the request of the wiki developer, the Secret Recipes page has been temporarily disabled. Instead, hints will be provided alongside the relevant general entries in the wiki. They are Secret Recipes, after all! ;)


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