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The new Mojang logo as of May 2020.
The new Mojang logo as of May 2020.

Mojang Studios (Full Swedish name: Mojäng Aktiebolag or Swedish for "Gadget Ltd."), originally Mojang Specifications and Mojang AB, is the indie joint-stock company responsible for the creation and development of Minecraft, among other games. Mojang's headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. As of May 2016, Mojang has somewhere between 50 and 60 employees.[1]


File:Mojang AB Employees.png
From left to right: Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten, Daniel Kaplan, Junkboy, Jakob Porser, Carl Manneh, Tobias Mollstam, Aron Nieminen, Darren Gladstone, Mattis Grahm, Lydia Winters, Henrik Pettersson.

For an up-to-date list of employees maintained by Mojang, click here.

Current Employees

Name Position[1] Favorite games Special talent Twitter Notes About: Mojang Studios: Employees[notes 1]
Jens 'jeb_' Bergensten Lead programmer/designer on Minecraft Starcraft, Doom 2, Don’t Look Back Eating cheese doodles with chopsticks [1] He's a redditor! Fun Fact #328: The facial hair right below his lower lip is brighter then the rest.
Markus 'Junkboy' Toivonen Art developer Wild Guns, Metal Slug, Full Throttle Laying down digital mosaic. [2] Very mysterious. Some say he doesn't even exist.
Aron Nieminen Lead programmer on Minecraft - Pocket Edition None He's very bright. His hair looks like a blue, woolen cap.

Henrik 'Carnalizer' Pettersson Art developer 2 Boardgames, strategy games, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Minecraft Extreme procrastination. [3] Is the oldest person employed by Mojang.
Mattis 'BomuBoi/Bomb Boy' Grahm He is cute Time travel. [4]
Lydia 'MinecraftChick' Winters[2] Director of Fun Minecraft, Oregon Trail Having bright-colored hair. [5] Minecraft was the second video game she played.
Kristoffer 'KrisJelbring' Jelbring[3] Web guy Being Mojang's unofficial DJ. [6]
Jon Kågström AI Programmer for Minecraft [7]
Karin Severinson Calculates all our money [8]
Marc Watson Customer Support Manager Minecraft, Mass Effect, Halo, Elder Scrolls Performs improv comedy [9] Started Minecraft Marathon[4]
Darren Gladstone Graphic Designer Developing "hidden" game elements [N/A] He was one of the first "hidden employees" to be discovered

Contract employees

Name Task Twitter Notes
Daniel 'C418' Rosenfeld Making the music and sounds for Minecraft. [10] Has high self-esteem!
Kristoffer Zetterstrand Made the paintings for Minecraft. [11] He is the subject of a Wikipedia article, and Notch is his brother-in-law!

Former Employees

Name Position[1] Favorite games Special talent Twitter Notes About: Mojang Studios: Employees[notes 1]
Markus Alexej 'Notch' Persson Founder of Mojang and creator of Dungeon Master 2, Doom, X-Com Can look directly at the sun with only minor permanent damage. [12] Used to have a great hat, gave it away, now has a new hat. Minecraft is the brainchild of Markus Persson. Rumors have it that he programmed it during a power outage in the summer of 1812 while he was carrying infants out of a burning church which was built on the back of a giant possum. Also he is 11'6" tall and glows in the dark.[notes 2]

1. Enjoy games

2. Pick up programming

3. ????

4. Profit

Daniel 'Kappische' Kaplan Handles communications between many major companies Street Fighter IV, Tetris DS, Zelda: A Link to the Past Typing very fast. [13] On his Skype picture he looks like a pirate.
Jakob 'JahKob' Porser Founder of Mojang and lead programmer/designer on X-Com 2, Master of Magic, Diablo 2 Recursive for loops. [14] Will be making another game (Scrolls) along with Minecraft. His pants defy gravity and suspenders alike.
Carl Manneh Founder of Mojang and the CEO FIFA 10, Resident Evil, Tetris Cloning himself. [15] Used to be Notch's old boss. His last name sounds like "money" and he is Mojang's business guy. Coincidence?
Tobias Mollstam Web guy Developing tight webs to capture customers. [16] One day he decided to eat failure and shit success. True story.
Daniel Frisk Web guy [17] He never works on Fridays.
Leonard 'xlson' Axelsson[5] Web guy Can recite the Alphabet entirely by memory. [18]



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  • The splash text on the Minecraft main menu may sometimes say "Made in Sweden!", referencing the home country of Mojang.
  • The tip bar on the loading screen says nobody has actually seen Junk boy's real face.