Moss Carpet

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Moss Carpet
Moss Blanket.png
First Appearance 1.17
Type of Block Non-Solid Block
Location Lush Caves
Stackable Yes 64
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Moss Carpet is a moss block that is as small as a carpet, but with the moss texture. Similarly to the moss block, there are no known non-decorative uses.



Moss carpets can be used to cover up light sources while still letting light through and looking organic. This can also cover up blocks and look like grass is growing over them.


Using moss carpets on a Composter has a 30% chance of increasing the level by 1.


Moss Carpet
None None None
None None None
None Moss Block Moss Block

They are also produced when a moss block is bonemealed.


  • The moss block and carpet have no known uses yet. However, it could be used in plant life-type builds.