Mountains Biome

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Mountains are a subset of biomes where abrupt and drastic changes in elevation are common across the landscape.


The mountains biome resembles real-life highlands, with hills, valleys, mountains, and plateaus. One major difference is that large, overhanging patches of land are commonly generated throughout the biome. This biome contains some of the highest elevations in the Overworld. In some sub variants, the elevation can be so high that snow and powder snow will cover the tops of hills. Hill sizes and shapes dependent on the sub type. Coal and iron generate here at a high frequency.

Special Features

This biome is the only location where emerald ore can be found. It is also the only place other than strongholds where silverfish occur naturally.

This biome, along with savannas, are the only biomes where wild llamas spawn naturally.


  • Mountains are actually much larger in Bedrock Edition than in Java Edition, at least due to beta
  • This biome was completely revamped in the Caves and Cliffs beta, adds new features making Mountain Biomes much more interesting.