Nether Spire

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The Nether Spire is a tall structure, exclusive to Pocket Edition, now obsolete since the 0.12.0 update, where it was replaced with The Nether from Java Edition and Bedrock Edition that could previously be generated by activating the Nether Reactor.

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Rooms of the Nether Spire


The nether spire was completely made out of Netherrack (formerly Obsidian when it was first added to the game, before netherrack was implemented).


Once a player would successfully create the exact pattern around the Nether Reactor Core, and would tap on that special, now removed, block, the large exclusive structure would appear, destroying any blocks around it. This meant players had to clear out space in their small, non-infinite world, or had to find a spot they hadn't built on, in order to not lose anything they had built.

File:Nether Reactor Core.png
The Nether Reactor Core before it was removed from the game (now only accessible through commands or mods)

Mob and Item Spawning

The Nether Spire is where Zombie Pigman could spawn as well as a ton of random items, some of which were only found there, making one's journey much more worth it. These items consisted of Cacti, Nether Quartz, Glowstone Dust, Beds, Signs, and Pumpkin Seeds, just to name a few.

The Nether Spire after mob/item spawning, during daytime


After activated, all blocks used to create the pattern were turned into Glowing Obsidian. After the nether reactor's "energy" ran out, it turned into obsidian, with the exception of the core, which could be retrieved in order to create a new spire. Plus, its walls would become damaged, with several holes that allowed a player to exit the area. Time would also fast-forward to Night and the floor above the reactor contained an area where Mob-farming could be performed as it was very dark there. If a player could make it to a higher place of the spire, it could be climbed. This was the only legitimate way to get netherrack in survival mode. If the nether reactor core was broken before mob/item spawning was finished, the nether spire would not break.