Nomadic Style

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Nomadic Style is a special style of gameplay where one lives like a 'Nomad' and must move every day. This style of gameplay is for the more experienced players, who already have mastered survival mode. This style of gameplay is more difficult in console editions of Minecraft, as a player's world size limits a player's ability to find unexplored areas. It's also harder to play like this in superflat worlds, as very few resources are available for the player to use.

Homes and Shelters

Huge Mushrooms

A example of a red mushroom house

One of the most recognized nomadic shelter styles is the huge mushroom. This shelter is a great nomadic style house because if one is smart enough, they will dismantle their house at dawn and hopefully gain another small mushroom, which can be used for shelter the next night. The red mushroom is the more popular choice because it spawns a protective canopy over one's head, with just enough space for a bed and crafting table.

Brown Mushrooms

Brown mushrooms are another excellent nomadic shelter style. One can use a ladder to reach the top, and place a bed and other necessities. The brown mushroom is also significantly larger than the red mushroom.

Ice Spikes

An example of a simple ice spike house.

Ice spike homes are also great nomadic style shelters. They provide lots of space (and possibly multiple floors). However, ice spike biomes are extremely rare, so nomadic players may never get the chance to find a place to build this type of shelter.

Instant Shelters

File:Instant shelter.jpg
A bed on a dirt pole.

An instant shelter is one that can be built within the first five minutes of playtime. A dirt pillar with a bed on top is one example. Another option is to dig down, make a hole in the ground. Remember items like glass and chests are a luxury; if a player is going to leave the area in the morning, using glass is not going to be worth the effort.

Managing One's Inventory

A proper inventory for Survival Minecraft.

Managing one's inventory is very crucial to their survival. Only carry what is needed, and try to never have a completely full inventory, as you might not have room for very important items you might find on the way.

Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Carry logs instead of wood planks.
  • Place necessary tools/weapons and food in the Hotbar.
  • When storing minerals such as gold, iron, redstone, lapis lazuli, emeralds, and even diamonds, carry them in blocks instead to save inventory space.
  • To have a use for chests and expand your inventory space, use llamas on leashes while riding on a donkey. Be careful in slopes as they may unleash the llamas, stopping them.


Exploring caves is usually crucial to survival in Minecraft, but with nomadic play style, it's not necessary. A smart nomad does not have to rely on high-tier tools to survive. Iron, or even stone tools, are ideal for this style of gameplay.

Superflat Nomadic Survival Hints

  • A player may enable the "generated structures" option to make nomadic play style easier, unless they have already mastered all other (excluding amplified) styles of nomadic survival.
  • Beware of slimes because they can hit much faster than normal mobs.
  • Players should pick up any resources they may find.