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Paper is an item that can either be used to craft maps and books or sold to librarian Villagers for an emerald per 30 paper. To craft paper, sugar cane is needed which is often found alongside any natural water. Paper can also be found inside most Stronghold library chests and sometimes in shipwreck chests (as of 1.13). Paper is used with anvils to repair maps.


Paper (×3)
None None None
None None None
Sugar Cane Sugar Cane Sugar Cane
(Shapeless recipe)
Paper Leather None Paper Paper Paper
Paper Paper None Paper Compass Paper
None None None Paper Paper Paper

Note: The Firework Star is optional.

Firework Rocket
(Shapeless recipe)
Paper Gunpowder None
None Firework Star None
None None None


  • As of 1.3, a piece of leather is also required anywhere in order to make a book, to appear as the cover.
  • On the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, a map can be crafted using 9 paper instead of 8 paper and a compass. However, this creates a map that will not show a player's location (aka Unknown Map).
  • Interestingly, wood isn't used to make paper, even though in real life, wood can be used to create paper.
  • An empty map used the same texture as the old paper, but it had a different color. This was changed in 1.14.