Pointed Dripstone

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Pointed Dripstone
First Appearance Bedrock:,

Java: 20w48a

Stackable yes 64

Pointed Dripstones are blocks that are planned to be added in the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update. They can generate on the floors and ceilings of dripstone caves, and come in two variants: stalactites and stalagmites. Stalactites generate on the cave ceiling, and can fall from the ceiling and deal damage to mobs it falls on top of. Stalagmites generate on the cave floor, and will deal damage to any players or mobs that fall on top of them.


When a cauldron is placed under a stalactite, filled with lava or water above it, the cauldron will slowly fill up with lava or water.

Damages mobs that are pushed or fall on it, making it useful as a block for traps or mob farms.


Dripstone Block
Pointed Dripstone Pointed Dripstone None
Pointed Dripstone Pointed Dripstone None
None None None


  • In real life, stalagmites are formed when acidic mineral water drips and forms deposits of a mineral, such as calcium or granite.
  • Pointed Dripstone is a way to create infinite lava, although it's really expensive to do so.