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For the Food Poisoning status effect, see Food Poisoning.
The icon for the Poison effect

Poison is a status effect that impacts a player's health bar by gradually depleting hearts over time.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

This effect is temporary, and will not kill a player unless an additional source of damage is dealt to them. This is because the effect pauses when a player's health reaches 1 (File:Half Heart.png). If the player regains health while the poison effect is still active, their health will continue to deplete until it once again reaches 1 (File:Half Heart.png).

Like all status effects, it can be removed by drinking milk. It can also be cured by drinking a honey bottle.

Effect[edit | edit source]

The amount of damage inflicted over time is shown in the table below.

Level Ticks per File:Half Heart.png per second
1 25 0.4
2 12 0.83
3[note 1] 6 1.6
4[note 1] 3 3.3
5+[note 2] 1 10
  1. a b Due to invincibility frames, the effective rate is 12 ticks ( x 0.83 per second)
  2. Due to invincibility frames, the effective rate is 10 ticks ( x 1 per second)

Sources of Poison[edit | edit source]

Fatal Poison[edit | edit source]

A variant of the poison effect (called fatal poison), is exclusive to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. This effect will continue to deduct health from a player, even after they reach 1 (File:Half Heart.png), which kills the player. It is only obtainable through the use of cheats.