Polished Diorite

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Polished Diorite
First Appearance Java Edition: 1.8 14w02a
Pocket Edition: 0.9.0 build 1
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

No description.

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For the naturally found version of this block, see Diorite.

Polished Diorite is the polished variant of diorite. It was also added in the same update as diorite. In Pocket Edition, polished diorite could be crafted by using the stonecutter block. It is crafted by placing four diorite blocks in the crafting interface. Mason villagers will sell polished diorite in exchange for emeralds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The polished variant of this could be crafted into stone slabs in Pocket Edition, however, this may have been a bug in the game.