Powder Snow

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Powder Snow
First Appearance Bedrock:beta

Java:1.17 snapshot 20w46a

Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64
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Powder Snow was a block that was announced with the Biome Vote for the mountains biome that won the vote, and it was also announced at MineCon Live 2019.


Mobs fall right through the block and so can the player. Being in the snow slows down all movement and causes mobs and players to slowly freeze and take damage. It can be collected using a bucket and placed down by using the bucket. If it is snowing, a cauldron will slowly fill up with powdered snow. Similar to a Water bucket, you can jump from any height and, if placed and timed correctly, you will not take any damage.

Leather boots will cause you not to "sink" inside and there is frost around the screen if you go inside the block. Leather armor slows down the process of freezing. This allows you to use it as a type of scaffolding as you can climb up and down the blocks with leather boots. Wearing any leather armor will prevent freezing.

Rabbits, Foxes, Silverfish and Endermites will not sink in powder snow.



Powder snow can be used to slowly kill mobs or players for farming.


  • It was referred to as “Snowier Snow” until its real name was announced at Minecraft Live.
  • At the moment in the betas you cannot put layered snow over powdered snow to make it blend in with other layered snow.
  • Goats (to be added in 1.17) naturally avoid powder snow.


A player in Powder Snow
A player in Powder Snow
Powder Snow

File:Biome Vote - Mountains
Biome Vote - Mountains