Pressure Plates

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Pressure Plates
First Appearance Alpha v1.0.1
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

A pressure plate is an item that can be used to activate certain features when it is stepped on. It activates Redstone next to itself and the block it is on. The most common use of a pressure plate is to open a door (wooden or iron). The wooden variety is also used as fuel in furnaces; however, it only smelts 1.5 items per plate (as much as one of its two planks).

There are currently four types of pressure plates. The first two are wooden and stone. Wooden pressure plates are made from two wooden planks in a horizontal line, and stone pressure plates are made with stone (not cobblestone or stone brick) in the same fashion. Wooden pressure plates are different from stone pressure plates in that the former can be activated with items and arrows, but the latter cannot; they both, however, are activated by players and mobs.

The last two types are iron and gold. These are weighted pressure plates, which emit a different Redstone signal strength depending on how many entities are on the plate (noting that a stack of items is one entity). They were added in Snapshot 13w01a. There are 2 different kinds, both with different recipes: Light and Heavy. The signal strength emitted is as follows:

Signal Gold Plate Iron Plate
1 1 1-10
2 2 11-20
3 3 21–30
4 4 31–40
5 5 41–50
6 6 51–60
7 7 61–70
8 8 71–80
9 9 81–90
10 10 91–100
11 11 101–110
12 12 111–120
13 13 121–130
14 14 131–140
15 15+ 141+

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Pressure Plate (Wooden) Pressure Plate (Stone)
None None None None None None
None None None None None None
Wood Planks Wood Planks None Stone Stone None
Pressure Plate (Golden) Pressure Plate (Iron)
None None None None None None
None None None None None None
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot None Iron Ingot Iron Ingot None

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pressure plates in the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was too oversized to be used as tables.
  • If a TNT block is placed directly under any other block that has a pressure plate on it, the TNT will be activated when the pressure plate is stepped on, making a landmine.
    • Landmines in real-life activate immediately, so a Minecart with TNT may be a better option.
  • A stone pressure plate can also be obtained by mining it in desert temple loot rooms. That Pressure Plate also activates TNT if the TNT is not mined.
  • Pressure plates were used as tables in villages, except in the Pocket Edition, where carpets are used. (Carpets are now used as tables in all versions)
  • Pressure plates block water or lava from flowing.
  • A stone pressure plate will naturally generate in every desert temple.

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