Raw Chicken

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Raw Chicken is a food item dropped by Chickens when killed. It has about a 30% chance to add the hunger effect (also called food poisoning) to a player when eaten. To avoid this, it must be cooked in a Furnace and turned into Cooked Chicken.


  • If a chicken is killed by fire (including from enchanted weapons), the chicken will drop cooked chicken instead of raw chicken.
  • Raw chicken, Pufferfish, and Rotten Flesh are the only foods that can cause food poisoning when eaten.
    • If afflicted with food poisoning, drinking Milk will remove the effect.
  • Raw chicken wouldn't cause food poisoning when eaten in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition before 0.12.1, as there was no food poisoning before that update.
  • The food poisoning in raw chicken may be based on the fact that statistically two out of three raw chickens could be contaminated with food born bacteria, usually salmonella, and campylobacter.
  • Wolves cannot get food poisoning when fed raw chicken