Redstone Comparator

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Redstone Comparator

A Redstone Comparator

First Appearance 1.5 (Snapshot 13w01a)
Type of Block Redstone, Mechanisms
Stackable Yes 64
For other redstone-related objects found in Minecraft, see Redstone (Disambiguation).

Redstone Comparators are special and unique redstone blocks that are similar to Redstone Repeaters. Redstone comparators have three torches on them, allowing for complex redstone circuits to be built. Redstone comparators have three ports, with two being for input, the third for output. Redstone comparators also measure how many things an entity holds or weighs, allowing for some very interesting adventure maps or mechanisms. They can also detect how many items are stored in a container block (such as a Chest, Hopper, Dropper, or Minecart with Chest). It can be utilized in a Redstone Circuit. It makes the same sound as Wood when broken.

A comparator has two "modes": "compare mode" and "subtract mode", which players can tell by the status of the single torch on the front. The default mode is "compare" mode, which means that it will compare the signal it receives from the side to the signal it receives from behind. If the signal from the side is stronger than the one from behind, it won't give off a signal. If the signal from the side is weaker than the one from behind, the comparator will give off a signal equal to the one it receives from behind.

On "subtract" mode, the comparator will produce a signal equal to the signal it receives from behind minus the signal it receives from the side.

As of 1.15, redstone comparators can now detect how much Honey is inside Bee Nests and Bee Hives. The output strength is equal to the amount of honey in the said hive.


Redstone Comparator
None Redstone Torch None
Redstone Torch Nether Quartz Redstone Torch
Stone Stone Stone