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This article contains content about features that are not yet released.
These features are not currently in Minecraft, but may have been announced by Mojang Studios to possibly appear in a future update, or may be available only in a snapshot or beta.
Sculk Blocks
First Appearance 1.17
Type of Block Decoration
Location Deep Dark; Unknown (Sculk Trap(might be crafted))
Stackable Yes 64

No description.

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The sculk block, sculk chute, and sculk trap are ambient, decorative blocks that are planned to be added in update 1.17, and will spawn in the deep dark biome.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

The sculk block, sculk chute, and sculk trap will spawn in the deep dark cave biome in lake-like generation pools called sculk growths. While the normal block doesn't seem to have much of a use other than aesthetic, the sculk chute might open up, and the sculk trap's name, hollow look (which is somewhat similar to that of a bear trap), and possibility to only be obtainable by crafting indicate that it may be a hazard. The sculk chute appears to glow, but not emit any light, or possibly very little.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Confirmed in a tweet, the warden is made up of the sculk block.
  • Some theories state that the Skulk Chute may amplify vibrations. This, however, is not confirmed.

Gallery[edit | edit source]