Sculk Sensor

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Sculk Sensor
First Appearance 1.17 20w49a
Type of Block Solid Block
Location Deep Dark
Stackable Yes 64

Sculk Sensor is a new redstone block that is added in update 1.19. It detects vibrations (walking, placing blocks, breaking blocks etc.), and emits a redstone signal whenever a vibration is detected within a radius of 8 blocks. This can be used for wireless redstone, as demonstrated during the Minecraft Live 2020 livestream. Wool of any color can occlude those signals on the side the wool was placed down. Sculk Sensors now can be scilenced by waterlogging them as of 20w51a.

Sculk Sensors may be found in deep dark biomes or generated via sculk catalysts.

Function[edit | edit source]

The Sculk Sensor senses vibrations, which is an event that takes place when something moves. The closer the vibration, the higher the redstone signal outputted.

When used with a comparator, certain vibrations give different signals.

Frequency Value (when redstone comparator was used) Vibration types
1 Step, Swim, Flap, Resonate 1
2 Projectile Land, Hit Ground, Splash, Resonate 2
3 Item Interact Finish, Projectile Shoot, Instrument Play, Resonate 3
4 Entity Action, Elytra Glide, Unequip, Resonate 4
5 Entity Dismount, Equip, Resonate 5
6 Entity Mount, Entity Interact, Shear, Resonate 6
7 Entity Damage, Resonate 7
8 Drink, Eat, Resonate 8
9 Container Close, Block Close, Block Deactivate, Block Detach, Resonate 9
10 Container Open, Block Open, Block Activate, Block Attach, Prime Fuse, Note Block Play, Resonate 10
11 Block Change, Resonate 11
12 Block Destroy, Fluid Pickup, Resonate 12
13 Block Place, Fluid Place, Resonate 13
14 Entity Place, Lightning Strike, Teleport, Resonate 14
15 Entity Die, Explode, Resonate 15

Wool of any color can occlude those signals on the side the wool was placed down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As confirmed by Kingbdogz in a recent tweet, sculk sensors can be found naturally in the Deep Dark and are also renewable in some way. [1]