Sea Pickle

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Sea Pickle
First Appearance 1.13 (Snapshot 18w14b)
Type of Block Plant
Stackable Yes 64
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Sea pickles are light-emitting static blocks that spawn naturally in warm oceans as of Java Edition 1.13. They can be placed in groups of up to four, and give off more light as more are added.

File:Sea pickles.png
Sea Pickles

Natural Generation & Placement[edit | edit source]

Sea pickles raise the light level by three each time one is placed underwater, and can be placed like turtle eggs. Sea pickles generate in warm oceans, especially near coral reefs. When placed on dry land, sea pickles will not emit light. In addition to emitting light, being underwater gives the sea pickle a texture at the top that resembles "regurgitated intestines".

Sea pickles will spread underwater to adjacent blocks in a similar way to how mycelium and grass spread to dirt blocks. You can place 1-4 Sea Pickles per block. If you place less than 4, the amount in the block will eventually grow to 4 per block, which can be used to farm Sea Pickles. Sea Pickles can also appear as a decorative block in desert village houses.

Wandering traders will sell sea pickles in exchange for emeralds.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Sea pickles can be smelted into lime dye. They can also be used to level up a composter.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Bedrock Edition, there is an achievement titled "One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four", which can be obtained by placing four sea pickles in a group.