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For the ship found in end cities, see End Ship.

A shipwreck is an underwater, generated structure that was added to Minecraft as part of 1.13 - The Update Aquatic.


The ship itself can consist of several types of wood, and it can generate fully, or only partially, in a variety of configurations. Each shipwreck will spawn with at least one chest, but some can contain up to three chests if the ship is fully intact. 

The hull section of the ship can contain a chest full of supplies, which can include TNTpaper, enchanted leather armor, coal, and a variety of food.

The lower section of the ship will generate a chest full of mapping items. This chest is guaranteed to hold an exploration map, leading players to buried treasure, along with paper, books, feathers, clocks, and compasses.

The upper section of the ship contains a chest full of treasure, such as ingots, nuggets, gems, lapis lazuli, or a bottle o' enchanting.


  • Dolphins can lead a player to a shipwreck if fed raw cod or raw salmon.
  • On rare occasions, they are sometimes buried instead of generating underwater, usually with small sections of its masts still visible.


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