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This article contains content about features that are outdated or have been removed from the game.
These features may only exist in older versions of Minecraft, or were possibly never even implemented.

First Appearance Beta 1.6 Test Build 3
Type of Block Plant
Stackable Yes 64

For the solid grass block, see Grass.

A Shrub (also known as Grass Shrub) was a grass-like plant, similar to the Dead Bush. It was added to Minecraft as part of the Beta 1.6 Test Build 3. Not much is known about this block, other than that it was possibly meant to be a part of a Jungle Biome, but was scrapped in development for unknown reasons.

Shrubs can be found in versions Beta 1.6 Test Build 3 through Minecraft 1.12, but can only be obtained by using the /give command. The command to get shrubs is /give @s minecraft:tallgrass 1 0.

The Shrub uses the Tall Grass ID, and thus shares its properties. Because tall grass is not oriented on the center of a block, shrubs behave in the same way and will be centered on a random part of the top of the block it is placed on. For the same reason, shrubs have a chance to drop seeds when broken.

It is unknown why the item uses the tall grass ID, but it is speculated that it was caused by a bug, and was planned to be fixed at a later date.

The item was removed in 1.13 (Update Aquatic ) due to the complete removal of ID tags. All shrubs in inventories and on grass were reverted to Dead Bushes.