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Shulkers (the portmanteau of shell and lurkers) are hostile mobs a player can encounter, as of the The Combat Update. They appear only in an End City, and don't spawn naturally again.


  • When a player gets close to the Shulker, its shell will then unscrew, revealing the Shulker. When it attacks, a white bullet will follow a player. Being hit by the Shulker will give a player a 10-second levitation effect and will do a little bit of damage. This effect is very useful, as it allows a player to fly up the End City if they keep getting hit. However, if the effect runs out on a player when they are in mid-flight, they can sustain heavy fall damage.
  • Shulkers can also teleport when at low health, or when pushed by a piston into another block. The teleport works up to around 5-10 blocks away. They will also teleport when all adjacent blocks to them are either filled with air or liquid.
  • When they die, they have a 50% chance of dropping a Shulker Shell, as of 1.11 release. These can be used to craft a Shulker Box.
  • Like Sheep and collars, shulkers can be Dyed.
  • Shulkers also open their shells once in a while to peek outside.
  • They can be bred when a shulker hits another shulker, making another one
  • Shulkers can stick to the sides, and upside down. If you break the block they are on, either they will teleport away (if no other block is available to stick to) or will stick to another adjacent block. However when squished bewteen two blocks, it will teleport away.


The best way to combat a Shulker is to just punch, or shoot the projectiles that it fires. It cannot be hit with projectiles (Thrown trident included) when its shell is shut, as they bounce off harmlessly, possibly recoiling back to a player. Destroy the projectiles and go for a bow first outside of a building, and just kill it with a sword, provided a ceiling is overhead.


  • It is not strange that they can teleport much like Endermen can, the only other Mob who has such an ability, as they are both related to the End.
  • The name Shulker is a mix of Shell and Lurker confirmed by Jeb.
  • Players can stand on the Shulker mob, just like a solid block.
  • Shulkers do not despawn in peaceful mode; however, they do not attack.
  • If a shulker is on a team via /scoreboard, then it will attack all players and hostile mobs not on its own team.
  • If a player throws a splash potion of invisibility onto a Shulker, only the shell will disappear, leaving only the head visible.
  • When a Shulker generates sideways in respect to the block it's attached to, the player can clearly see a spiral shape on the underside of the Shulker
    • This spiral is also visible in a Shulker Box.
  • As of 20w45a they can be bred by having a Shulker shoot another Shulker by accident.


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