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The icon for the Slowness effect.

Slowness is a Status Effect that affects a Player's movement speed, causing them to move slower than normal. The higher the level of the effect, the slower a player will move. If the effect is strong enough, a player will not be able to move whatsoever, other than by Jumping or "rotating". A player's field of vision will decrease while this effect is active.

Like all status effects, it can be removed by drinking Milk.


  • Drinking a Potion of slowness (including a Witch's slowness splash potion).
  • Getting shot by Arrows of Slowness (including those fired by a Stray).
  • Drinking a Potion of the Turtle Master.

Similar Effect

Spiders, Cave Spiders, Endermites, and Silverfish will get slowness when struck by a sword that is enchanted with Bane of Arthropods.

Opposite Effect

The Swiftness status effect makes the user move faster for a short time. Because of this, swiftness and slowness can be considered as opposing effects, since they affect a player in the exact opposite way. However, the two effects do not cancel each other out. A player with the maximum slowness effect will still be stuck in place, regardless of whether they also have a swiftness effect.