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The south-east rule, also known as the Z-X rule, is an unintentional mechanic in Minecraft wherein various effects occur based on the cardinal directions, specifically in a south-east variant.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The following list contains effects that happen in Minecraft, relating to the south, east, or south-east cardinal directions.

Others include:

  • Rails will curve south or east when they are initially placed at a "T" intersection or a "+" intersection. They will also curve away from the south or east when powered.
    • An exception to this is if there is an intersection on a downhill rail track, the minecart will continue the downhill track, even if the south-east rule applies. (see Rail#Downhill rule)
  • Any mobs that are spawned by spawn eggs, monster spawners, the player, or by breeding, will always appear to be facing the southern direction initially.
  • TNT cannons tend to fire farther when facing east or south.
  • Many bugs cause problems relating to south and east, such as villagers trying to cram into the house that is mostly in the southern-eastern area of the village.
  • When the player is exactly inside the middle of a block, they are pushed out of the block north-east.
  • 2×2 trees are unable to grow, if north, west or northwest diagonal block is occupied up to the final height of the tree.
  • When the player first spawns into the world, they spawn facing south.
  • If multiple fluids are trying to spread into the same space, the fluid spreading to the south (from the north) will receive priority, followed by the fluid spreading to the east, then the fluid spreading to the west, then the fluid spreading to the north, and finally any fluid spreading from above will receive the lowest priority. This behavior is difficult to observe in vanilla Minecraft, as the only two placeable fluids interact to form other blocks; however, when additional fluids are added through the use of mods, this behavior can be observed.
File:Fluid spreading south-east rule.png
When two fluids attempt to spread into the same block, the "winner" depends on the cardinal direction they are flowing in.

Model/Texture orientation[edit | edit source]

Blocks can be split into 3 categories based on the model behavior.

  • Always the same way (only has 1 orientation, no other facing version exists)
    • e.g. Cobblestone, planks, bookshelf, obsidian, ores, etc.
  • The texture orientation will be based on the location of the block, not dependent on the placing direction
    • Dirt, grass block
  • Based on the mode of placing, it will use a certain predictable orientation/block state
    • e.g. Glazed terracotta, furnace, piston, logs

History[edit | edit source]

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