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A status effect is a game mechanic which can affect a player or mob and can be either beneficial (buffs) or deleterious (debuffs). Status effects temporarily modify things such as movement, damage, Health, visibility, loot or other player actions. A status effect is similar to an item enchantment, only it affects the character directly, as opposed to granting a player an effect based on an item they are using. Status effects also have a set time limit, as opposed to enchantments, which last indefinitely until the item using the enchantment is destroyed. Drinking a bucket of Milk will remove all status effects from a player. Drinking a Honey Bottle will remove all Poison status effects and add Saturation effects to the said drinker.

List of Status Effects

Name Effect Source
Absorption Adds "extra hearts" to a character's Health bar, which disappear after a certain amount of time, or after taking the equivalent damage. Golden Apple
Notch Apple
Totem of Undying
Bad Omen Triggers a raid of Pillagers, if the affected player enters a Village. Killing the leader of a group of pillagers.
Blindness Significantly reduces a player's field of vision. Illusioner, eating Suspicious Stew made with Azure Bluet
Conduit Power Combines Night Vision, Haste, and Water Breathing Conduit
Dolphin's Grace Boosts the player's swimming speed Dolphins
Fire Resistance Immune to Fire, Lava, Blue Fire, and Flame Arrows Potion of Fire Resistance
Notch Apple
Glowing Outlines the affected Entity in white, even if it is invisible, or behind other blocks. Spectral Arrow
Haste It allows a player to mine blocks faster. Beacon
Health Boost Increases a player's maximum health Commands
Hunger Depletes part of a player's Hunger bar faster than usual (30% per level) Raw Chicken
Rotten Flesh
Instant Health Instantly heals a player. Potion of Healing
Instant Damage Instantly deals damage to a player. Potion of Harming
Invisibility A player or mob cannot be seen. Mobs will only attack a player if he/she is very close to them. Held items are still visible. Potion of Invisibility
Jump Boost A player can jump higher than normal. It reduces fall damage. from jumping Potion of Leaping
Levitation Causes a player to rise in the air. Useful for getting to high places but may result in severe fall damage when the effect ends. Shulker
Luck Increases the possibility of finding treasure while Fishing. Potion of Luck
Mining Fatigue Mining and attack speed is reduced. Elder Guardian
Nausea Distorts a player's vision for a limited amount of time. Pufferfish
Night Vision It increases the brightness level, so it is easier for a player to see (including underwater). Potion of Night Vision
Poison Deals damage to Player over time. Potion of Poison

Cave Spider

Spider Eye
Poisonous Potato
Regeneration Regenerate over time. Golden Apple
Notch Apple

Potion of Regeneration

Resistance Take less damage from attacks and other physical sources of damage. Notch Apple
Speed Increases movement speed. Potion of Swiftness


Slowness Decreases movement speed. Potion of Slowness
Slow Falling Decreases falling speed Potion of Slow Falling
Strength Increases damage dealt when using melee attacks. Potion of Strength


Turtle Master Increases resistance whilst slowing the player down Potion Of The Turtle Master
Water Breathing Stops the oxygen bar from decreasing, so a player can swim without drowning. Increases underwater visibility slightly. Potion of Water Breathing
Weakness Decreases damage dealt when using melee attacks. Potion of Weakness
Wither Deals damage to health over time and turns the health bar black. Wither Skeleton
Potion Of Decay

Wither Skeleton Jockey
The Wither
Wither Rose