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Superflat is a world type where the terrain generation is completely flat, with customizable layers in Java and Legacy Console Editions. In a default superflat world, the terrain consists of one layer of Bedrock, two layers of Dirt, and one layer of Grass. The entire world by default is a Plains Biome; as such, villages will generate frequently. Villages will not however, generate in Bedrock Edition nor New Nintendo 3DS Edition. Mobs will spawn as normal, and because of the low altitude Slimes will spawn frequently.

As of Java Edition 1.4.2, there are several superflat presets including but not limited to Classic Flat, Water World, Overworld, Snowy Kingdom, etc; this is not available however in Bedrock Edition.

Main use

The most common use for a superflat world is in Creative mode. Superflat worlds were implemented because it was easier to create creations such as large cities, or other massive Minecraft creations in a superflat world, seeing as one does not have to level any land. Another popular type of build in a superflat world is pixel art. Players who find pleasure in living with villagers in villages may also choose a superflat world because villages have a higher spawn rate, making them easier to locate.