Sweet Berry Bush

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Sweet Berry Bush

Stages of growth in sweet berry bushes.

First Appearance 1.14 (Snapshot 18w49a)
Type of Block Plant
Stackable Yes 64
For other berry-related objects found in Minecraft, see Berry (Disambiguation).

A sweet berry bush is a naturally-growing plant that provides sweet berries.


If a player walks into a berry bush, their movement speed will be reduced (unless it is in the sapling stage). In Survival, walking through a bush will deal damage to both players and mobs (except foxes).

Unlike most other plants in the game, the color is not dependent upon the biome, presumably because it only naturally spawns in the taiga biome along with its variants.



Sweet berries can be gathered from a sweet berry bush by right-clicking, or grown using bonemeal. Eating these berries can replenish a maximum of File:Shank.png x {{{1}}} and can be used to trade with butcher villagers in exchange for emeralds.

New berry bushes can be grown by planting sweet berries in the ground. They will initially look like saplings, but will gradually grow into bushes over time. The bushes grow rather quickly taking only two days.


If strategically placed, the bushes can be used as protection for a base, as it deals damage to and slows down all mobs and players (excluding Foxes).


  • Players only get damaged in a bush when they move. If they are still, they don’t constantly take damage.
  • The bush has 4 stages of growth.
  • Berry bushes are one of three plants to deal damage to players, the other two being the Wither Rose and the Cactus.
  • Unlike in the real world, sweet berries in the game can't poison you. But in the real world, you shouldn't eat wild berries as some can cause stomach problems when eaten.