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Swimming is a game mechanic that allows a player to move in any direction (horizontally or vertically) while underwater in a Minecraft world. A player may also swim across the Water's surface.

This mechanic functions the same way when swimming in lava, but if playing in survival mode, a player will not be able to stay in the lava for long before they burn to death unless they have Fire Resistance.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Java Edition, swimming is achieved by pressing (or holding down) space while on the PS3 edition this is achieved by pressing and/or holding PlayStationX.png. In the Xbox editions, swimming is achieved by pressing and/or holding A. Swimming is necessary to survive in nearly every environment containing water since only two blocks-deep of water are needed for a player to drown.

Players move slower when swimming than on land.

Modifying factors[edit | edit source]