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Merge with End Gateway?

I agree that they should be merged because End Gateways and Return Portals are the same, except that end gateways are made in pairs, whereas return portals are one-way (they're the random portals found throughout the islands). --SLScool (talk) 04:19, March 23, 2017 (UTC)

The Return Portal is the Portal that spawns after you kill the Enderdragon, and it takes the player back into the Overworld after the credits finish rolling. The End Gateway spawns after you kill the Enderdragon as well, but they take you to the Outer End where you find End Cities and End Ships. Also End Gateways require the use of an ender pearl in order to use them while the Return Portal doesn't. I think we should keep them separate based on these reasons. --NinjaDogDB (talk) 15:49, March 23, 2017 (UTC)
I haven't spent too much time in The End personally, so I was never completely clear as to how each of these are different. I should play around with them sometime to see exactly how they work. However, if what NinjaDogDB says is correct, the mechanics behind each of these portals is significant enough, that they should have separate articles. From the sound of it, these two portals serve different functions, transporting players to an entirely different location than the other.
-Sitb (talk) 16:16, March 23, 2017 (UTC)