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The default textures of Minecraft are also known as "Global Resources". These default textures can be found in:

Windows Path


macOS Path

(home folder)/Library/Application Support/minecraft/version/19w06a/19w06a.jar/assets

File:Old minecraft texturs!.jpeg
Some of the old Minecraft textures.


The default texture can't be changed, but players can make their own textures. These retextured resources are known as "Texture Packs" or "Resource Packs".

However, in the 1.14 (JE) Update and the 1.10 (BE) Update, Mojang is retexturing the entire blocks from the ground up, and it can be found here.

Default Resources

Mojang kept changing resources in the earlier days of Minecraft and Microsoft is doing it too. The default resources can be edited by the developer community only.


File:✔ Minecraft 10 Textures That Changed