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Tools are items normally used to speed up the progress of mining, breaking blocks, or farming, used as an alternative to fists. However, each tool has a different use.

Different tools

There are currently 6 different tools:

Most of these tools can be created using sticks, and either wooden planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots, or diamonds, except for shears, which use 2 iron ingots, and flint and steel, which is created using flint and an iron ingot. Tools can be repaired on an anvil using Experience and one of the materials used (other than sticks).


  • It is worth noting that some blocks, such as obsidian, require a specific type of tool (in this case a diamond pickaxe) to break it more quickly and to get the broken block in the inventory. In some cases, using a golden pickaxe is slightly faster in mining Nether bricks than a diamond pickaxe; however, it is less efficient since golden pickaxes have much less durability than diamond.
  • Two tools of the same type and tier can be crafted together to combine their durabilities, plus 5% of the original durability. The enchantments will not be preserved unless an anvil is used.
  • If you use a tool for a different use than intended, it will lower the durability by 2 points instead of one.
  • Wooden tools can be used to smelt items, smelting half an item per tool.
  • Iron and gold tools can be smelted to obtain one iron or gold nugget, respectively.
  • Netherite tools are the strongest tools in the game.
  • You will often get better enchantments when enchanting golden tools.