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First Appearance Beta 1.6
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable Yes 64

A Trapdoor (also known as a Hatch) is a block used as a horizontal door that fills a one block space, though the width only takes up part of the block and allows a player to walk in the unoccupied area. It was introduced in Beta 1.6. When placed outside, rainfall, water, and snowfall do not pass through it, but light can shine through.


When right-clicked, trapdoors will open by flipping upwards, towards their hinge. Unlike doors, it does not need to be attached to a block. Wooden trapdoors can also be smelted, smelting for 1.5 operations.


Wooden Trapdoor x2 Iron Trapdoor
None None None None None None
Wood Planks Wood Planks Wood Planks Iron Ingot Iron Ingot None
Wood Planks Wood Planks Wood Planks Iron Ingot Iron Ingot None


As with Doors, trapdoors can be controlled with Redstone circuitry. Redstone in its charged state will cause the trapdoor to open. Alternatively, redstone in its uncharged state will close the trapdoor. The same can be applied to all pressure plates.


  • Sand and Gravel, if dropped onto a trapdoor, will break into their item form (similar to how sand or gravel falling on a torch or minecart track will do the same).
  • Trapdoors can be pushed by a Piston if there's another block for it to connect to or if the block it is currently connected to is pushed with it.
  • As of snapshot 12w40a, trapdoors can no longer be activated by left clicking. Only right clicking opens/closes trapdoors.
  • In 1.8, they added iron trapdoors to the game which can be activated only with a redstone pulse, like Iron Doors.
  • Trapdoors can create air sockets/stop water when placed in any body of water.
  • Trapdoors can be used to seal off underground player-made structures from the outside world, allowing a player to seal out damaging mobs such as Creepers.
  • Trapdoors can be found inside of igloos leading to the basement, and can also be found inside of shipwrecks.
  • In 1.13, many trapdoor variants were added for the different wood types.
  • As of 1.14, trapdoors can be used to start crawling.