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I'm CandD! I'm glad to meet you, and welcome to my userpage!

About Me[edit source]

I am extremely fond of Minecraft and enjoy playing it as often as I can. The best thing I like to do is go out and have an adventure, and stay around this little farm I have. I enjoy helping this wiki out as it clearly is a shrine for trolls and those whom believe that a ghost can actually live inside of a computer! As you can tell I take to much of my day creating infoboxes.

Other Wikis[edit source]

I have no ranks (does High-Advisor count?) on any other wiki asides from the Nitrome wiki, where I am chat moderator. My home wiki is the Scribblenauts wiki, where I have gladly contributed by tears, sweat, blood, and soul. On my home wiki, I have accumulated over 3,500 edits and had achieved the #1 rank for almost half a year. Not to be rude but I seem to prefer this wiki's community as this one is less argumentative, less troubling, and does not repetitavely add categories to every single page and doesn't bother to help it out (RAGE).

Userboxes[edit source]

File:280px-Mclogo.svg.png CandD owns a copy of Minecraft on PC!

File:Screen shot 2012-09-19 at 3.22.55 PM.png CandD is an expert Parkourist!

File:Pack.png CandD believes in Herobrine!

Userbox-codez[edit source]

[[File:|px]] plz insert text

Userboxege space[edit source]

File:200px-Wolf (Wild).png This user likes dogs!
File:Ocelot.png This user likes cats!
px this user likes magical foods!
File:Brewing Stand.png This user likes making potions!
File:Snow Golem.png This user likes Snow Golems!
File:150px-Mooshroom.png This user likes Mooshrooms!
File:Snow Golem.png This user likes Snow Golems!
File:Snow Golem.png This user likes Snow Golems!
File:Snow Golem.png This user likes Snow Golems!