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A wandering trader is a passive villager-like mob that can be found throughout the Overworld.


A wandering trader resembles a villager, in terms of posture and facial feature design. Their clothing appears similar to what someone would wear when traveling long distances - the robes would keep them cool in the heat and warm in the cold, making them practical for a mob that can spawn in practically any biome. They are hooded robes are dark blue with red and gold trim. Under the robes, they wear a green shirt, brown pants, a belt with a gold buckle, and a red face mask or scarf. They also wear sandals as footwear.


A wandering trader will spawn at dawn and will either wander around a village meeting point, or nearby a player's spawning point. It is always accompanied by a pair of trader llamas wearing unique decorations similar to the clothing the wandering trader wears. If a wandering trader's llama's leash breaks (which happens quite often) or if the wandering trader is killed the llama doesn't despawn, otherwise it despawns with the wandering trader. However, a different wandering trader will eventually spawn, carrying a different stock of items for sale. Like villagers, wandering traders will flee from hostile mobs, and will run around in a panic when attacked by a player. Additionally, if attacked by a player, a wandering trader's llamas will start to attack the player. However, the wandering trader themselves will just panic.

A wandering trader has a similar trading interface to a villager's, except it only trades for emeralds. Also, their trades won't expand if a player completes a trade.

When they see a hostile mob or when it is night, a wandering trader may drink an invisibility potion to become invisible. They will then drink milk during the morning to neutralize the effect.


The wandering trader has 6 random trades. New trades are not unlocked after trading with them. After spawning, the wandering trader has a managed schedule for 40–60 minutes. The trades you can make with the Wandering Trader are below...

-Plants: lily pads, leaves, flowers, drip-leaf plants(coming in 1.17), tree saplings, kelp(sea weed), cacti, ferns, mushrooms, sugar cane, vines, pumpkins, seeds, sea pickles, and dead bushes

-Blocks: sand, coral, ice, orange terracotta, podzol, blue ice, and glow stone

-Others: slime ball, gun powder, dye, buckets of fish(tropical, puffer fish), and nautilus shells

(When 1.17 comes out, besides selling drip-leaf plants, they could also sell buckets of axolotl)


  • Wandering traders are the second mob to have the ability to use potions, the first being the witch.
  • A wandering trader's voice is different from that of a normal villager.
  • Wandering traders can spawn anywhere where there is enough space for them and their llamas, which allows them to spawn in flat worlds or in, say, a glass dome at the bottom of the ocean.
  • Wandering traders will not turn into witches when struck by lightning, unlike normal villagers.


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