World Generation

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World Generation is a feature in Minecraft that results in the formation of the world's terrain. It tries to make the generation of biomes as realistic as possible.

The History of World Generation.

Village that generated near a shore.

At the beginning of Minecraft in Pre-Classic times, the World Generation was very simple, creating only a simple patch of land with the measure of 256x256x64. When Indev was released, terrain generation started to bear a greater resemblance to what it is like now, with hills, beaches, and smooth terrain transitions now being formed.

After Indev, when Infdev was released, little changes, however something notable started generation naturally in Minecraft. The thing was a brick pyramid, but later it got removed, along with the naturally generated "starting house". Also in Infdev, the Farlands were inadvertently added, and they were starting 12,550,821 blocks away from the center of the map. Likewise, a stone wall was formed at 33,554,432 blocks away from the center of the map, but it was later removed.

After the more interesting past, the present didn't change much. From the Original Release 1.0 to 1.16.4, they did add new biomes and improved the World Generation, notably, there are some updates that did more bigger changes to the World Generation. The upcoming 1.17 Caves and Clifs update will change the Cave Generation, with the intention of making them more interesting fun to explore.

Now the world is approximately 30,000,000 blocks in both the x and z coordinate axes, and 256 blocks tall in the y axis. There is a world border that stops the player from going further than 30,000,000 blocks. In single-player worlds it is possible to get through the world border with glitches and teleporting, however the world stops generating at a point after the world border. This is not true for Bedrock Edition, however.


The World Generations includes also structures such as, villages, woodland mansions, pillager outposts, swamp huts, etc. It's different how often you will encounter these builds, since every building has a rarity of encountering and spawning.

April Fools 2020

On April 1, 2020, the world generation was modified slightly in snapshot 20w14∞ – if a player threw a book into a Nether Portal, the portal color would change. Entering the portal would generate one of many dimensions, consisting of randomized terrain generation.


Average Desert with hilly terrain.

The Woodland Mansion.