Zombie Doctor

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Zombie Doctor is an achievement and advancement for Minecraft that needs a player to heal a zombie villager. To do this, a player must throw a Splash Potion of Weakness at a Zombie Villager and give it a Golden Apple by facing it and pressing the "use" button. The process typically takes about 2 to 5 minutes, but can be shortened by about 4% by building a "prison" around it, with Iron Bars and/or a Bed. This achievement is available in all editions of the game.

Methods to get the Zombie Doctor achievement

  1. Follow the strategy given in the description. To ensure the process is successful, trap the zombie villager in a wee chamber protected from the sun. Using a chamber with iron bars and a bed will speed the process up.
  2. Use a Bow (enchantments have no effect, but Flame is not advised) to shoot a Tipped Arrow of weakness on the zombie villager. As in the prior strategy, trap the affected zombie villager in a chamber guarded from the sun. This strategy has its advantages in that the tipped arrow only affects the target, whereas splash potions of weakness can affect the thrower if the target is close enough. However, the effect of the arrow's effect does not last as long as the splash potion, so being fast is recommended. Trapping the zombie villager in water, once the potion and golden apple have been applied, will let the zombie villager stay undamaged by the sun. However, it will take longer for the zombie villager to turn into a Villager.